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If you are a Local Business spending money on marketing and NOT doing these 3 things, you are leaving money on the table.

1. Optimizing Landing pages for Conversions. If you are sending search or social traffic straight to your home page, your traffic is leaking out faster than you will ever bring it in. This is the #1 error that we see business owners making. We have full page solutions and tricks proven to bump conversions for Local Business.

2. Your Follow Up is Garbage! I can't tell you how many business owners I talk to who tell me they have x,xxx thousands of names and email addresses in their database but they aren't doing a thing with them. Our automated follow up system will close 20-30% more of your leads simply by staying in touch in a social kind of way... Your Prospects all make decisions to buy in different ways within their own time frame. By keeping top of mind without being pushy and salesy, guess who the prospect calls when the timing turns right for them?

3. Social Marketing & Retargeting.... I see lots of Local Business owners spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month on Adwords who have nothing going on with Facebook and are only taking one swing at each lead. It's the same as calling yourself out after the first pitch and walking to the dugout without even taking a look at the next two or three pitches.... Our legendary Facebook Retargeting campaigns keep in touch with folks who visited your site without being pushy and provide the education that is so often needed before a prospect can make the decision to become a customer.

 AlienRunInc.com is here to serve you. We provide Local Business Digital Marketing  solutions for these TOP 3 issues but we also offer a whole lot more, like:

- Conversion Optimization
- Map / Google Business Listing Optimization
- No Upfront Set-Up Costs
- No Contracts or Ongoing Commitments
- We Aren't Dictators! You control your Ad budget & Spend...
- Of course, if you need more help - we can do that too!

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Bundling all of our services for Local Business with our Digital Management package is by far our best Value for your dollar. This package includes everything we do from taking over your AdWords, to launching your first Facebook Video Ad, to Local SEO to follow up and follow through... we do it all every single month for one Base Fee. 

For most businesses, this is the best solution to pull all of their digital marketing under one roof and have one go to person to handle it all, for far less than it will cost to hire in house or farm out seperately. If for whatever the whole package is not what you are looking for, let's talk about how we can help on a Marketing Review Call.

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