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by | Nov 21, 2023 | Strategy Sessions

AC Repair - How to rank an AC Repair Business

The question was asked in a Local SEO Facebook group, why do these companies rank so high for such big area surrounding Metairie, LA. We dug intop the data using  GMB Crush to give the comany trying to compete some insights on the strength of the competition and the strategy the could take to improve their own rankings.

What’s Google Looking At for AC Repair?

Looking at the indicators or signals that Google likes is always the best place to start. It might seem trivial but in this comparison Google is favoring the primary category of ‘HVAC Contractor’ over ‘Air Conditioning Repair Service’

The categories you place your business in is the biggest single factor to impact rank.

Reviews are one of the biggest indicators and not just then vanity top line number of reviews but I would argue the rate of reviews is almost the ultimate handicap tool for a younger or less reviewed business. Matching the rate of reviews with the top dogs is the goal, if you are just beginning your focus on your online presence.

For AC Repair in Metairie, the top three ranked businesses have an average of 660 reviews and they are getting a new review every 7 days – that is the benchmark to shoot for, getting one review a week.

Photos are the other factor that the business owner has total coontrol over. The top three competitors have an average of 143 photos posted on their Google Profile. The #2 ranked Stuart Services in fact has 3 X more photos than the business that wants to improve. This is the second task that should be tackled on a daily / weekly basis.


Regular posts are another important factor in ranking your Google Business Profile. If you hadn’t considered including this platform in your regular Social Posting, you should, we recommend at least every 7 – 10 days and including topically relevant copy and images in all of your posts.

As you can see below, there isn’t usually one single factor that contributes enough strength for a business to rank but rather a combination of all of the signal factors that build the overall strength of the listing. Climate Tamers doesn’t have a single post but the other components of their listing are carrying it to the #3 spot for this keyword. 

GBP Posts

Topical Relevancy

Another factor impacting the overall Google profile is the topical relevancy of the text. Semantic keywords and entities can tell the search engines, or anyone reading for that matter, what a page or a listing is about without mentioning the keywords…

Utilizing the right copy throughout all of your digital assets including your Google Business listing makes it possible for the search engines to undertand what your business is about and understand where and how your listing is more relevant than your competitors when a search is performed for your services.

Your Website… 

Your website is the largest factor outside of your listing that can help to create relevancy and iompact the rank of your Google listing. To hear more in this case, make sure to check out the screenshare video above for AC Repair Metairie.


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