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Garage Door Repair | Strategy Session

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Strategy Sessions

Strategy To Rank For Garage Door Repair

I was asked recently to take a look at the “Garage Door Repair’ market in Foley, Alabama to see what it would take to compete in this market as a new business. 

The screenshare above goes through the process I would take if starting out in such a venture or how I would tackle building up and existing business to compete with the top ranking companies.

Here are the highlights:

  • Add “Garage Door Repair” to business name if starting out
  • Build out Google Listing to match top competitors
  • Build Website to match local competitors
  • Budget to Run Google Local Service Ads Campaign to capture market share quickly

Notes from GMB Crush Report:

  • Primary category for all top ranked competitors is “Garage Door Supplier”
  • The top ranked Map Pack Competitors are not the same as Organic top ranked websites
  • Most of Top 10 have a physical shop address and are not service area or mobile businesses but the #1 ranked position is mobile
  • Average Top 10 businesses have 149 Reviews & 93 Photos on Google
  • None of these competitors are posting regularly on Google
  • Keyword in Business name or title is important
  • The websites in this market are not that well built, there is an opportunity to gain market share through SEO
  • The top 3 are getting. anew review every 5 days
  • The top Ranked business is earning almost 20% of all clicks for this search phrase in the #1 Map pack position


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